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28 December 2016 @ 09:14 pm
I don't post here in a long time...  
  Hello everyone...
Does someone till alive here? I know I don't come here in a long time but now that I'musing lj again to run a community with my raw scans ba_raw it's amazing how some people still come and use the LJ.
I don't come here since  2013/2014 until again now...

So is someone still alive here?
As for me since my last post my life changed a lot. I got a job, I get my money, just this year I decided to give a try to have my drive license...which means suprasse some fears.
How about you? How is it going?

Also a bit earlier... but Happy New Year 2017 to everyone who possible reads this entry :D
See you all soon ^w^/
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Music: Renegade - Stereo Dive Foundation