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07 May 2017 @ 02:08 pm
Hello folks.
I just want to post, maybe most of you won't even read it but...
Well I'm still selling most of the stuff I don't wanna.

If you are interested please let me know or you can simply come to my shop

If there is something you like let me know!
28 December 2016 @ 09:14 pm
  Hello everyone...
Does someone till alive here? I know I don't come here in a long time but now that I'musing lj again to run a community with my raw scans ba_raw it's amazing how some people still come and use the LJ.
I don't come here since  2013/2014 until again now...

So is someone still alive here?
As for me since my last post my life changed a lot. I got a job, I get my money, just this year I decided to give a try to have my drive license...which means suprasse some fears.
How about you? How is it going?

Also a bit earlier... but Happy New Year 2017 to everyone who possible reads this entry :D
See you all soon ^w^/
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05 August 2014 @ 10:59 pm
Hero no michi wa kewashii nodegozaru no maki. by Kuchibirukara Sandanju $10
Burogu de o nayami soudandegozaru no maki by Kuchibirukara Sandanju $10
さなぎ by ジキル (Akira Houjo) $25 (rare)
Doll by Houseki-Hime $10 (novel)
Boy Vouage by _____ $10
Sion by ______ $8
Cromo di Genio? by -acero- / Rinko Sagara/Chihito Aoyagi $5
The Party's Over V2 by ciao baby $10
All itens are new or like new, unless stated otherwise. I think prices are fair but ig you have proposals please let me know.
I ship from Portugal to Worldwide. The default shipping method is Economic (15~30/60 days) if you want it to be faster please make it as a note while buying.
Use this post as method of buying (if you comment here what you want to buy) I will give a discount of 15% (shipping uncluded) if you buy 2 or more itens of each category (doujinshi or manga).
26 November 2013 @ 03:28 pm
When I though it was something that will take a bit more time it sudden drop into me just a moment ago…After 2 years of a bad mood in my house between my mom and stepfather it all came to an end. My stepfather while bringing me to school this afternoon finally said he can’t get the situation anymore and he will start in thinking to get out and now me, my young sister and mom need to proceed our lives without him. I can’t say I’m happy or sad about the situation, it suddenly come like a bomb and now I don’t really know what to do. I’d a life style for over 3 years or so around and now it’s changing all over and I don’t know what to do since I get stuff and now everything will change… when I though I would get a root it was a fragile one. I will need to see what will come in the end but I know a no good outcome will be the end and I don’t wanna it to happen. Even though my stepfather said I will always be like a daughter to him and I supported him the most even the situation… I know nothing will be the same as it has.
I will miss it and now I’m a bit depressed over it I know it will pass since after all I think I’m emotionless and no one can kill my heart unless I’m the one to do it. Quite stupid I know, but even if I’ve a deep pain in my useless heart it will pass and soon it will all be in the past. Since it always happen when I’m left by others.
Thanks for listen/read my comment.
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Originally posted by nekojiro at SIGNAL BOOST: we ask for your donations & help for HAIYAN victims
Greetings to all!
AYA, Bloody Chairman of MxR Scans.

I'm writing this post for any of you who might be wondering why is there no update from xryuchan27 these past few days.  Apparently, our country, PHILIPPINES was recently hit by this massive typhoon HAIYAN or YOLANDA as we call it locally, and struck at the central area which consists of several provinces. With a gushing wind of almost 250KPH & a storm surge that's taller than an average building, the houses, livestocks, plantations, livelihood were instantly washed away leaving behind a trail of disaster, sorrow & countless of deaths.

xryuchan27 lives in Aklan, a neighboring province from where the main typhoon has hit.  I have not yet contacted her through text so I don't have a clue of the situation she is in.  It's possible that their area hasn't gained electricity for the elec. posts has gone down & it's one of the main problems so far, no celphone sites working either.  Me, living in the Metropolitan have been lucky that we didn't  felt the impact of the typhoon aside from harsh winds that came our way.  Nevertheless, it is nothing compared to what happened to my poor fellow countrymen.

Therefore, I ask you for your generous donations if you can help in any way.
If you can donate a dollar for a scanlation, I'm sure the same amount is a huge step for the victims to recovery.
Thank you very much for your continuous support and prayers.

Let's hope for THE BOSS to safely come back & resume her pending works!